Wedding: Only two months to go!

Since our wedding is exactly two months away, I thought I would share our wedding website today. Enjoy!  


Twenty-Five Days to an Easy Move

I might be one of the only people who love moving, but I really do! When I was in college, my roommate and I once moved to the building next door. We didn't even pack, we just put stuff in bins and made a billion trips. We used her office chair to haul the heavy stuff, and we still brag about the fact that we did it in two days. Since then, I have come up with a plan to help me start early and stay organized. I think the trick is to break it up as much as possible. I take the 25 days prior to moving to get a little done each day because moving day is not packing day, especially if you have people helping you move.

Using my Printable Twenty-Five Day Moving Guide can make a move feel much smaller of a task for everyone involved... and it might keep you from using an office chair to carry things! Okay, lets do this!

As of Lately

Procrastinating. I should be packing. 
Showering. A dear friend's celebration. 

Traveling. Paying a Christmastime visit. 

Dreaming. So many things could come of this rusty metal. 

Listening. The Carolina Stomp is my favorite. 


Wedding: Asking the Bridesmaids

Wedding planning is starting to feel very real. We have less than 200 days until the wedding, and Jacob and I have been working on assembling our wedding party. I was incredibly excited to ask a few dear friends to be my Bridesmaids. I wanted to make it fun and memorable while giving them some needed information.

I found these great glass bottles and filled them with nail polish, chocolate, and a pretty little necklace. Brown kraft paper is my obsession so I incorporated it in my envelopes and tags. My girls have great personal style so they will be choosing their own dresses for the wedding. I also included color swatches for them to use while shopping, as well as a few photos for inspiration. I can't wait to see all their unique styles come together as we celebrate on the big day! 


Wedding: Thinking, Planning, and Choosing

I am learning so much about myself through planning our wedding, and it turns out that indecision is my arch nemesis. We took a lot of time to enjoy our engagement and I am so grateful for that season of life. After all, this is a new chapter of our lives to enjoy... and I already had a Pinterest board that would make any newly engaged man sweat from nervousness.

If I could give any word of advice, it would be enjoy this completely unique season. We are about seven months out and just now really diving in. As I mentioned above, begin by deciding what you like. Between all the awesome magazines and websites that brides love, it can be difficult to even know what you like. Figure out your combined style and work on finding inspiration together. For me, the hardest part was funneling down ideas into a specific style, but once we got there it has made choosing all the parts and pieces so much easier.

From there, we began to choose specifics like a date, venue and time of day. Choosing a venue was much harder than I could have dreamed. We checked out so many places but ended back up with where we began, across the street from our proposal spot. The date was easy to pick because the venue had limited open days in the time of year we wanted, but lets face it, that was probably a good thing.


Updates and Plans

Summer has been completely filled with so many changes. I took on more responsibilities at my job,  I brought home a puppy (named Clover) to live with me, went on some great vacations with friends, and filled any free time has with wedding planning. I have loved every minute of it. Fall is here and I have coffee in hand. Its feeling like life is beginning to regain some normality, and that I think it is the perfect time to begin a wedding planning series here. Event coordinating has a special place in my heart so, planning a wedding has been such a fun experience so far! I have created some methods that I will share over the next few months (seven months to be exact) and I hope this series will be helpful to everyone planning! 


Garden: Tips for a Happy Terrarium

After watching on old Martha Stewart special on gardening, I have become increasingly obsessed with terrariums. I think they are strange and beautiful and perfect for the home.

This is definitely not a DIY post because you just put plants in a container… it kind of explains itself right? But I did want to share a few tips and thoughts on terrariums. 

Soil Drainage. Depending on the plants you use, you will need a well draining soil that has some coarse sand or something to make sure that water isn’t sitting at your plant roots. Since terrariums are generally in glass containers without holes in the bottom, you will need some rocks at the bottom to give that water somewhere to go or you will have gross moldy soil and it will kill your plants.

Plant Type. The possibilities are endless, but with a terrarium, make sure your plants want to be friends. For example, if you put a fern requiring a lot of water and a cactus that requires very little, somebody wont be happy and might even die. The same goes with sunlight. Find plants with equal sun, water, and soil requirements so you will have happy plants.

Container Cleanliness. Since moisture is an issue with terrariums, you want to make sure that the container you are using has had a good scrub. Use a little bleach in your water to clean it and let it dry completely just to keep mold from growing in there. 

There you have it! I hope my tips for a happy terrarium will help you as you create yours! Do you have any tips or ideas? Please share them below. 


Friday & Ramblings

I spent most of the day painting furniture, doing dishes, and cleaning floors. By the afternoon I was ready for coffee and decided that I needed a new candle from East River Trading Co. It smells like citrus and it's pretty great , I must say. Anyway, this is supposedly an outfit post so I am wearing jeans and kimono from Forever 21, shoes from Target, and a v-neck from the mens section. My dad got me the kimono for Easter, he did good right?!

Well have a great weekend, and check back next week for a couple projects that I have up my sleeve! 


Unlikely Treasures

I love finding treasures in the trash, but sometimes getting caught up in the moment can end up with junk. I was with a friend and we found a cool piece beside the road. She put it in her car and when I was helping her unload it, roaches crawled out of it. True story. I'm sure she still made it into something beautiful, but to avoid trash to treasure mishaps, these are my tips for finding pieces that you will actually enjoy.

Does it smell? Chances are that if it smells like smoke or pets it will make your place smell too. Leave it!

Does it have water damage? There is no fixing water damage on most pieces, especially those with soft surfaces. If you are seeing stains from water, leave it!

Is it real? Personally, I don’t want a piece that is made of particleboard or cheap products. That stuff is fine new, but it wears out quickly and is not work keeping for a long time especially if you are the second user. Leave it!

What needs replacing or fixing? If it will be a big deal to fix or cost you a lot of money, it might not be worth it. If all you need is a new coat of paint or a clean up, take it! 

I found this little guy beside a dumpster. I rode by a couple times before I decided to bring it home. I’m really glad I did. 

 I ended up with about $3 worth of paint and new glass knobs for $2 each. Hobby Lobby runs half-off specials on them all the time.  All it needed was tightening up the screws and now it’s a cute little piece that I love. What’s the best thing you’ve found beside the road? 


This Peaceful Place

There is something so refreshing and life-breathing about having plants in your home. Plants are purposeful because they purify the air, but I believe that God made them beautiful to bring peace to the soul. One of my favorite places is Dothan Nurseries because of their stunning collection of all kinds of flowers, plants, and my favorite, succulents. I hope to do a tour of the whole property one day to share, but even these photos show a little glimpse of how perfect this place is.