Garden: Tips for a Happy Terrarium

After watching on old Martha Stewart special on gardening, I have become increasingly obsessed with terrariums. I think they are strange and beautiful and perfect for the home.

This is definitely not a DIY post because you just put plants in a container… it kind of explains itself right? But I did want to share a few tips and thoughts on terrariums. 

Soil Drainage. Depending on the plants you use, you will need a well draining soil that has some coarse sand or something to make sure that water isn’t sitting at your plant roots. Since terrariums are generally in glass containers without holes in the bottom, you will need some rocks at the bottom to give that water somewhere to go or you will have gross moldy soil and it will kill your plants.

Plant Type. The possibilities are endless, but with a terrarium, make sure your plants want to be friends. For example, if you put a fern requiring a lot of water and a cactus that requires very little, somebody wont be happy and might even die. The same goes with sunlight. Find plants with equal sun, water, and soil requirements so you will have happy plants.

Container Cleanliness. Since moisture is an issue with terrariums, you want to make sure that the container you are using has had a good scrub. Use a little bleach in your water to clean it and let it dry completely just to keep mold from growing in there. 

There you have it! I hope my tips for a happy terrarium will help you as you create yours! Do you have any tips or ideas? Please share them below. 


Friday & Ramblings

I spent most of the day painting furniture, doing dishes, and cleaning floors. By the afternoon I was ready for coffee and decided that I needed a new candle from East River Trading Co. It smells like citrus and it's pretty great , I must say. Anyway, this is supposedly an outfit post so I am wearing jeans and kimono from Forever 21, shoes from Target, and a v-neck from the mens section. My dad got me the kimono for Easter, he did good right?!

Well have a great weekend, and check back next week for a couple projects that I have up my sleeve! 


Unlikely Treasures

I love finding treasures in the trash, but sometimes getting caught up in the moment can end up with junk. I was with a friend and we found a cool piece beside the road. She put it in her car and when I was helping her unload it, roaches crawled out of it. True story. I'm sure she still made it into something beautiful, but to avoid trash to treasure mishaps, these are my tips for finding pieces that you will actually enjoy.

Does it smell? Chances are that if it smells like smoke or pets it will make your place smell too. Leave it!

Does it have water damage? There is no fixing water damage on most pieces, especially those with soft surfaces. If you are seeing stains from water, leave it!

Is it real? Personally, I don’t want a piece that is made of particleboard or cheap products. That stuff is fine new, but it wears out quickly and is not work keeping for a long time especially if you are the second user. Leave it!

What needs replacing or fixing? If it will be a big deal to fix or cost you a lot of money, it might not be worth it. If all you need is a new coat of paint or a clean up, take it! 

I found this little guy beside a dumpster. I rode by a couple times before I decided to bring it home. I’m really glad I did. 

 I ended up with about $3 worth of paint and new glass knobs for $2 each. Hobby Lobby runs half-off specials on them all the time.  All it needed was tightening up the screws and now it’s a cute little piece that I love. What’s the best thing you’ve found beside the road? 


This Peaceful Place

There is something so refreshing and life-breathing about having plants in your home. Plants are purposeful because they purify the air, but I believe that God made them beautiful to bring peace to the soul. One of my favorite places is Dothan Nurseries because of their stunning collection of all kinds of flowers, plants, and my favorite, succulents. I hope to do a tour of the whole property one day to share, but even these photos show a little glimpse of how perfect this place is. 


The Proposal

Oh me, oh my! We are engaged! Jacob completely surprised with the sweetest and most perfect proposal at a little park downtown. Lots of people (who are exceptionally good liars) were involved to make it happen. I am so thankful. Everything was perfect. After almost five years, we are completely overjoyed with this commitment and what the future will bring. 


Mural City Art Walk

A couple weeks ago, I spent the afternoon at a really pretty art walk downtown. Local artists had their work on display, and all the shops had their doors open, It was a pretty way to welcome springtime, and an even prettier day. 



Never have I ever wanted to spend so much time outside in the springtime, and yet the pollen is killing me. No really, I think it is. I spent all last week sick in bed. I got behind at work, my house was a mess, and I was just feeling sorry for myself. Once the meds finally kicked in, I realized that there is so much to be thankful for. Sometimes you just have to get ahold of those negative thoughts. Gosh, there are people who have it far worse than I ever did. I have to learn to be thankful regardless of whether I am getting my way or not. All that to say, I felt like a new person by Friday. Jacob and I left in the wee hours of the morning to see the sunrise at the beach. It was perfect. There God is in all his glory. I mean, yeah, God is everywhere, but in that stillness he whispers so much love. We had such a great day discovering new places, shopping for records and plants, drinking coffee, and just being together. I am so grateful that God uses the sea to help me regain a little clarity in a mixed up week.  


As of Lately

1. Every garden needs cute garden markers.
2. Bright mornings are the happiest mornings.
3. Painting outside with a few special girls. 


Garden: Creating a Succulent Planter

Succulents are my absolute favorite plant these days. Many of the ones I purchased last spring survived the winter and are doing very well. Since I've propagated some from last year and added several more to my collection, I found that I had quite a large variety in lots of small pots. I decided to pull together a few of my favorites to create one big planter of succulents.

Let's talk about soil for a bit. A rookie mistake I made last year involved rich soil with lots of fertilizer and it turns out that succulents are not a fan of that environment. When planting succulents, you will need a sandy, well draining soil. This potting mix made for cactus and palms is really good, and you could even add a little sand to increase drainage. Secondly, make sure that you use a pot with good drainage so your plants are not sitting in water.    

Now for the fun part, planning your little display. I filled my pot about half way with soul then put all containers in the pot to plan where I wanted them. I tried to find something like this burros tail that will hang over the sides as it grows. The hens and chicks are another pretty succulent that will hang over the sides a bit and spread throughout the pot as little baby chicks sprout. The rest of the plants were pretty ones that I already had. 
Don't be afraid to break apart your succulents. These plants are resilient. Just gently pull them apart to create multiples of each plant throughout the pot. Once you get them everything all planted, make sure they have plenty of soil around the roots. You don't want air to get in there and kill your plants.
Give your new plants a good water and let the excess drain well. Place them outdoors or in a very sunny spot in your home, and only water when the soil is dry. Enjoy! 


Brightening up the Piano

This piano belonged to Jacob's mom, but she was kind enough to share it with me to have in my home. Moving day was a nightmare because I live in a second story, but it is totally worth it and a perfect piece in the dining room.  It has has all white decor on it for the winter, but the warmer weather inspired me to brighten things up. I used the globe as inspiration for the colors for the space, and now I am ready for springtime!